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About The School

West Wind T'ai Chi was created to make T'ai Chi available for people to learn and use to improve their health and well-being through practice of this art.

Hundreds of students have learned T'ai Chi through West Wind T'ai Chi since it was established in 1995. We offer Fall and Spring Session Classes (each 12wks), and Short Classes (4-6wks). Classes meet Saturdays, at the Chena Pump Plaza Karate Studio, unless noted otherwise. See "Cyber Sifu Links" for school location details.

West Wind T'ai Chi teaches traditional family lineage Yang Style T'ai Chi. The forms are those transmitted by the Choy Family, from San Francisco, and the Chu Family, from Brookline, MA. We are honored to be a member of the Gin Soon Chu T'ai Chi Federation.

"Return to Mountain" is an annual Workshop Event in March, which offers T'ai Chi and Qigong workshops taught by visiting T'ai Chi and Qigong experts. Master Vincent Chu teaches T'ai Chi and Qigong regularly at this event, and in 2013 we were honored to have Master Wenwei Ou teach Qigong.

West Wind T'ai Chi also has an outreach program, which coordinates classes at other locations in Fairbanks, and elsewhere in Alaska. Sifu Adams also teaches privately.

Who should take T'ai Chi?

Anyone who has the interest, desire and patience to learn T'ai Chi can take classes. We do not offer children's classes, however, T'ai Chi is very appropriate for all other age groups, and is often recommended for seniors (senior discounts available). Stop by to visit or observe any class. Anyone is welcome to try one class for free.