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Welcome to the website of West Wind T'ai Chi, a school for learning T'ai Chi Ch'uan (often simply 'T'ai Chi'), an ancient Chinese soft-style martial art. We are located in Fairbanks, Alaska. Curriculum includes T'ai Chi Ch'uan (hand techniques), T'ai Chi Bingqi (weapon techniques), T'ui Shou (pushing hands), and Qigong (developing energy).

We teach traditional family lineage Yang style T'ai Chi Ch'uan, with close links to the Choy family lineage of San Francisco, and the Chu family lineage of Boston. Classes are taught by certified instructors.

We meet regularly on Saturday mornings, October-April, at the Chena Pump Plaza Karate Studio. Beginning and advanced classes range from 6 to 12 weeks, and weekend workshops are frequently offered during the spring.

Why Study T'ai Chi ??

T'ai Chi is a multi-faceted martial art with many physical and mental benefits. As an exercise, it is gentle, low impact and non-aerobic. The movements improve posture, breathing, balance, coordination, blood circulation, muscle tone, and flexibility. The exercise itself massages the internal organs, keeping them healthy. The meditative qualities are extremely conducive to relieving stress.

News & Upcoming

Ni hao! Want to improve your balance, strength, flexibility and stamina, and become totally relaxed? Learn T'ai Chi!! Use the links on the left to learn about WWTC and class offerings. Please pay class fees at the first class. Thank you!